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Self doubt and self sabotage are heavy burdens to carry.

Yet we all do.


Like those wretched weeds in the garden, we keep pulling them out and they grow back somewhere else!  Some disguised as the beauty we planted ourselves.

We need help to get to the root of the problem and we need support to GET RID OF THEM!

The bad news is the beliefs are there.  We all have them.

Here's the good news, they can be cleared and replaced with new self serving ones.


these are all blocks and limiting beliefs.

And that's our starting point.

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We often find ourselves so busy taking care of everyone else and their needs, we neglect our own.  We wake up one day asking, who am I?

What are MY dreams and desires?
Where am I going and how do I get there?

These questions are important and yet as the years go on, they get harder and harder to answer.

What if now it's your turn?
What if the only person to focus on was YOU?

Oh, I get what you are feeling!  This could be exciting and what you have been waiting for, but your very first instinct is to run!!! Looking inside your beliefs, your thoughts, your fears-how frightening!

...your heart beating a little faster?
...breathing just shallowed?
...stomach and jaw tightened?
You would rather do anything else but!!!


What do you TRULY want your life to look like?

What do you REALLY want?

Not what you think you can have, but what you truly want?

Take a moment to actually think about this.  Write it down if you can...

Be very honest and ask yourself:

What had held you back from getting it?

Why is your reality different that what you wrote?

Have you been too busy?

Do you not feel good enough?

Do you not believe you deserve?


I know what it feels like to live in self doubt, yet to keep up the facade that it's all in perfect order is exhausting.

I know what it's like to live with anxiety and self doubt.

I know what it's like to compare yourself and want more.


If you truly want to change, you need to make a decision that you WILL change.

From this day forward, no more.

PROMISE YOURSELF, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW that you have had ENOUGH and you are not willing to live like this any longer.


So now what?

I know the power of making that kind of decision.  I also know that wave or adrenaline, you're probably shaking in your boots a little, as you start to absorb the fact that you CAN HAVE WHAT YOU WANT.

You just don't know the next step...

Don't worry...I have built my programs to help women take that next step and the one after that.


Carolyn is a wonderful Mindset Coach.  She truly listens and feels into your energy to help you overcome obstacles and break through blocks in a gentle but firm way.  She truly holds a space for you, your emotions and your story and has opened by eyes in just a few short sessions.  I was definitely super cynical about harnessing the power of my mind - but Carolyn has really helped to show me eactly what I'm capable of...And I so appreciate her!

Jessica Lorimer
Success Coach and Business Strategist

Carolyn helped me identify key areas that I didn't realize was keeping me from living my best life.  Her guidance was spot on and since I've began to work on the things we discussed, I've experienced tremendous results.  I would recommend Carolyn to anyone who needs a shift but don't know how to get started.

Angela Beckham
Owner, Lead Virtual Assistantl

  • We are going to uncover and recognize anything and everything holding you back.

  • We are going to rewrite and rewire the neural pathways of blockages and limiting beliefs that no longer serve a purpose.

  • Your foundation will be solid and your goals and desires will be attainable.

  • Freedom and finances on track.

  • You will know and live your purpose.

  • You will live life on your terms.

If this calls to you, please click on a program button below and explore which program would be the best for you.  Then, book a complimentary 30 minute assessment call here with me so we can talk about it!