Life changing results and the freedom you have always wanted, without taking years to achieve it

The RTT Method   

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a method developed by the highly acclaimed therapist to the stars Marisa Peer in London England.  She has finely tuned this therapy for over 30 years.

RTT is unique hybrid therapy combining the most beneficial aspects of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.  

The combination of these permanent methods provide lasting results , making this one of the most highly sought after methods to success.

RTT uses hypnotherapy as it works with the subconscious mind. Anxiety, depression and fear based decisions all have a root cause. Direct access to your subconscious means the information required to understand “WHY” your feeling as you do, opposed to years of talk therapy and never finding the real solution, permanent solutions are at your fingertips.

What does this mean?

Understanding is freedom around what has held you back for so long.

Together we can effectively work through old patterns and beliefs to rapidly bring them to the surface in order to process, understand, heal and rewire new positive, more beneficial beliefs and patterns.

RTT eliminates the need for years of coaching, the changes are permanent and lasting!

What if I told you the answers to your freedom have been inside of you the entire time.

So why can’t you just fix yourself ?

Because from birth we learn to navigate our surroundings with our “conscious mind”. The problem with our complex conscious mind is it has limits, adds fear and feeds off old outdated information.


  • Ask yourself are you where you want to be in your life and business ?

  • Are you attracting the clients you want , the wealth you desire and freedom to no longer live with restrictions and limits.

  • I specialize in area helping women find freedom and relief from what feels imprisonment of their own beliefs.

  • I help eradicate old bullshit beliefs and replace them with powerful new ones.

  • Imagine what life would look like if you lived without anxiety , panic, overwhelm, procrastination, preset wealth and success markers.

Your perception is your reality based on life experience, these perceptions and beliefs can be changed.

This is for you if you are ready for freedom.