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Hi there, I am Carolyn...

My life's passion and purpose has been helping women to excel in life and business. The key to success and wealth starts with a conscious decision and taking responsibility for the role you play in achieving every single goal and aspiration

My mission is all about empowering women to take back their power and give them the tools to achieve their goals and live extremely abundant lives.


My Journey

Life didn’t quite go the way I thought it would. When I was a teenager, my father was killed by a drunk driver. My otherwise brilliant and amazing mother lost herself in alcohol to cope. And I was left to my own devices, trying to navigate my path in life. I married, had three beautiful children. Everything seemed wonderful on the outside, on the inside anxiety was quietly taking over my life.

I knew that my life had to change. And for my life to change, I had to change. I had to make a choice.

I dedicate years to personal development and self empowerment. Through my journey I have reinvented myself and live an extraordinary life.

I believe anything is possible and discovered the shortest path to get there. We were never meant to live in stress, anxiety and mediocrity.  We certainly weren't meant to do it alone.

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 I have been a personal development junkie for the last 12 years.  The power of the mind has always intrigued me and connecting the dots my passion.

I have overcome so many personal blocks and limitations such as anxiety , depression, lack of confidence , performance anxiety , self belief, public speaking , relationship issues, running and maintaining a successful business and a fear of flying ( that meant I could travel anywhere my heart so desired)

I now have the distinct pleasure and honor of helping others find freedom from issues and challenges that hold them back from an uncompromised life.

Understanding is freedom and holding the power to freedom is what creates ever lasting change.

Carolyn is not only a highly qualified Rapid Transformational Practitioner , she is a Mindset Coach and Personal Development Strategist. She mentors women in their lives and business helping them to understand their own paradigms and unique blueprint.

By having a better understanding of  individual blocks, core beliefs and restrictions associated with them , it becomes possible to rescript and rewire your subconscious for a joyful and successful life!


I customise every appointment or package to the individual needs of my clients.

Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personalized strategy for you.