what my clients are saying...


Carolyn is the go-to mindset coach on my team and we love her dearly.  I can not recommend her enough and I put my money where my mouth is in sending all my clients to her. As a business coach I really see everyday the importance of mindset coaching...and have worked closely with Carolyn since 2015 to help serve my clients in the highest manner. She's quite simply SPECTACULAR, and beyond amazing at what she does. She has a very gentle and non-judgmental energy that everybody who works with her raves about.  You can tell her ANYTHING and not feel bad about it.  She's got a sixth sense about what's going on with the deeper issues we experience as women and a beautiful process for helping you past whatever it is you struggle with. Everybody I have sent to her RAVES about her and makes such incredible strides forward, it's so much fun to watch. You really just have to find out for yourself, and that will require you jumping on a quick call with her.  Listen to her gorgeous voice, hear her beautiful words, feel her energy creating a safe space for you to transform and give yourself the gift of transformation. I am BEYOND blessed to work with this woman and thank the universe everyday for sending her to me so that my clients have access to her.  I hope you get a chance to see what I'm talking about!



Are you trying to decide if you should hire Carolyn Colling.  YES x infinity! I felt so "at home" in our conversations, like talking to an old friend, someone who completely understood me where I was at AND had the wisdom to see where my Soul was leading me. But the real beauty was that every session didn't just highlight her wisdom, it allowed MY inner wisdom to shine through, too! I am so used to being hard on myself, demanding so much in order to succeed, rarely taking a moment to thank myself for all I've already accomplished.  Carolyn was that compassionate Divine Feminine Energy that helped me ground and center myself in my own softer, more loving truths, underneath the hard exterior and thick-skinned beliefs I'd adopted. During my hypnosis session, I was in tears after only a few minutes...with her expertise and grace guiding me back to self-love and acceptance. I cannot say enough about how her services have changed my entire outlook and the way I treat myself, let alone how it's benefiting my business and how I work with my own clients! Carolyn is a true gift and her energy is the kind of ripple effect of love that I aspire to. This is the best gift I've ever given myself!


As a business coach, I work with a variety of women in all stages of their online business.  And I realized, even with all the success I have had in both my coaching practice and my corporate career, I still was carrying around long standing blocks.  In just a few short weeks of working with Carolyn, I feel free and released form carrying around  a lifetime of obligation to something that wasn't mine to begin with.  She is patient, caring and has a nurturing sense about her that I appreciate.  She isn't afraid to talk about the ugly issues and does it in a very gentle way in order to help you move beyond.  I highly recommend Carolyn as a transformational mindset coach.

Kristy Jayne | Transformational Business Coach

Carolyn is the most amazing coach I have ever dealt with.  I was totally stuck in my business, after speaking with her my business took off!  And the best part of working with her is she actually cares if you prosper!!!!  She cheered me on and always is available as a friend to encourage you!  She is a straight shooter, she does not sugar coat it, she helps you see where your blocks are and helps you overcome them!  I have had other coaches and I wish I would have found Carolyn first!  The other coachers were OK but I did not get the results!  Carolyn gets you excited and shows you the way to get the results YOU want!  I love this woman!!  Carolyn is such a powerful force even if you don't have the confidence in your life as long as you are willing to put into use her strategies she will have more than enough confidence for the both of you!  I am so thankful for all the support Carolyn has given me!  You will not regret partnering with her! Thank you so much Carolyn...forever grateful!

Ange Orne

I have had the absolute privilege or working with Carolyn.  Something inside me said that she was the coach that would take me to greater heights.  And my intuition was bang on.  When I first started with her she warned me that it wouldn't be a quick fix.  That it would take some digging deep.  And I can tell you that I don't even recognize the person I was just three short weeks ago.  Carolyn lovingly holds up a mirror for me, challenges me and fully supports me in a way that gives me permission to become the fullest expression of myself.  I am so deeply grateful.

Lisa Friedt | Community Creator, Connector and Coach


I was lucky enough to work 1:1 with Carolyn Colling for 3 months at the beginning of this year. It's one of the best investments I've made for myself. 2016 has been one of the most incredible years of my life. As I look back, I'm blown away by the immense transformation I've experienced in myself and my life. Carolyn Colling is a deep wise soul with laser intuition, sharp insight and the biggest loving heart I've ever been around. Her compassion fully embraced me. Her words moved me forward with power and laughter. I immediately and completely trusted Carolyn. My favorite part about our coaching relationship is that I felt totally gotten. She gets me. She gets who I am. Through her guidance, I opened up like a flower and found my voice. Because of her, so many doors have opened for me and continue to open. The coaching guidance and teachings I received from Carolyn are a permanent part of who I am today. I cannot love and thank her enough.



I have recently completed a coaching program with Carolyn and couldn't have found a better coach. I had a great fear of visibility and due to anxiety found it extremely difficult to hold phone conversations... She was able to provide a safe place to not only get on the phone but we held video conversations...and in English...not my mother language! A huge debilitating fear GONE! She made me feel so comfortable, helped me discover my paradigms and how they were holding me prisoner.  I conquered so many of my fears.. Carolyn provided clear steps to take to move forward, areas of focus and what to change going forward. I have broken through old patterns and beliefs. Im proud to say, I now make phone and video calls and feel comfortable to do fb live videos in my group. As an artist , I now have my art hanging in shops/galleries. I was able to extend out of comfort zone and reach out to my Community. As a result, I now have my work hanging in restaurants, have done 2 expositions, have made amazing new contacts, I’m working on creating online an online soul art class, I’m now a member of a blog team in a magazine. I found myself and my voice!! I highly recommended working with this beautiful lady!

Nanda Boukes | Artist

Carolyn is a centered connection to intuition, practical tips, mindset shifts and Whole Picture Upleveling. She is a strong force of guidance and has a power in her words and abilities to help her clients in any way. She is enthusiastic, genuine and always compassionate in her approach. Carolyn is a delightful woman sharing herself and her gifts with so many.

Lynn Jarvis | Soul Coordinator

I've recently completed The Butterfly Effect For Success Course with Carolyn Colling and what a difference it made for me, it's hard to describe. It feels fantastic to set yourself free from the limiting beliefs that were holding me back for so long. Carolyn is such a warmhearted and intuitive person, which makes it so easy to connect and open up to her. I am so thankful for the course, inspiration and support. You are the best!

Oksana Irwin | Entrepreneur


When I first started working with Carolyn, I was scared to death of being psychic, using my abilities, and telling people about it. I had a lot of trauma from my earlier years that made me very fearful of what other people thought. This kept me from really showing up as myself in my business... throughout working with Carolyn, she helped me dig deep into why I felt that way about myself and come to peaceful and accepting terms with who I am. With this awareness, I was able to let it go and step into my power and show up more confidently than ever. I became a magnet for my soul clients and literally went from struggling to sign them to having them come knocking on my door wanting to work with me. I also had my highest income month, grossing just under 3k to nearly 9k in my business!!! Along the way, Carolyn has held my hand and also given me the hard truth and tough love when I needed to hear it. This is what mindset work does and this is why it's so necessary. If you're looking for a mindset coach that's firm yet nurturing, strong yet soft, I highly recommend Carolyn Colling!

Emily Cisewski | Marketing Consultant